Sebastian works with private students of all skill levels.  Classes are set up to accomplish the student's goals.

Sebastian's goals in a private lesson are:
1.  Teach playing with a relaxed technique.
2.  Encourage the student to explore various genres of music.
3.  Build performance repertoire in hopes of collaborating with other musicians.   
4.  Develop the student's creativity on the instrument.
5.  Encourage a dedicated relationship between the student, the instrument and the music.

Students use numerous method books as well as keep a notebook to keep track of assignments and work on transcriptions.  

All classes are assisted with the use of a MacBook Pro using: various PDF files, DVD's, various applications and online resources.


Sebastian is proud to offer lessons in his newly acquired studio in downtown Hoboken, NJ.  NYC students can easily take the PATH from Manhattan and walk a few blocks to the Neuman Leather building.  The building has free parking!

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