"It was a pleasure studying with Sebastian. He encouraged me to explore many different aspects of music in addition to drumset and other percussion. He never discouraged me from learning music in whatever genre or style I was interested, and he always showed me connections between what I was learning and other musics to help expand my knowledge of the art form. Though I am no longer his student, I still use the tools he gave me when I am in the practice room, in an audition, or on the gig!"

--Joe Veltri, Music Student at Temple University

“Mr. Guerrero brings something unique to Gradus ad Parnassum/New Jersey Drum School Inc. Like the legend Earl Palmer, Mr Guerrero’s approach takes a student into drumming from a dancer’s perspective. A path that should be the norm yet still remains rare. Sebastian is equipped not only with a degree in communication but studied with the New Orleans drum legend Johnny Vidacovich. Then moving on to dance as a member of the Ballumbrosio family's group in El Carmen, Peru. Most of all Mr. Guerrero has the heart of a teacher. And though he is part of my team, I consider myself his student. “

-Michael Hinton, Founder and Head Instructor at Gradus ad Parnassum/New Jersey Drum School Inc.